October 26, 2014

Thermies Goes PINK!

There are so many social media avenues that it's easy to forget to update at least one of them. In this case I blasted that Thermies goes PINK for breast cancer awareness month all over my social media sites and forgot to blog about it. It's late, but here it is!!

Chances are you know someone with breast cancer. It's a very sad reality but the statistics are staggering for the amount of women diagnosed with breast cancer every day.

My mother-in-law is an inflammatory breast cancer survivor so in her honor Thermies has created exclusive pink ribbon designs and has chosen to donate $3 directly to breast cancer research for every Thermie sold! Pink ribbon Thermies are jumbo sized heat packs to keep cold feet warm and cozy.

Pink ribbon Thermies make great gifts for any holiday or occasion for any breast cancer survivor or their family.

Visit us at etsy.com/shop/thermies to purchase your Thermies today and support cancer research.

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