August 14, 2014

Ninja & Lucha Libre Thermie Sketches

Does anyone else have a little piece of paper taped to the side of their computer with the millions of user names and passwords necessary to function in everyday life? And if that little piece of paper ever got lost would you curl up and cry for three weeks? I think I would rather have my identity stolen than lose that little piece of paper! Okay, maybe not, but still I would be a complete disaster if that thing got lost!! I use extra sticky tape for insurance!! Ha!

On that note, completely unrelated, why not combine ninja and lucha libre to make fun mask Thermies? Here are a few sketches:

I mention the user names and passwords because little did I know the amount of detail that goes into an Etsy shop. I've mentioned this before but for all you out there who want to post a few items 'quick' and make a few bucks, be warned that there is definitely more than meets the eye. I'm certainly not trying to discourage anyone but please do your homework. It's a lot of work! And a lot of accounts to set up with, yes, more user names and passwords.

Since we have two little kickin' ninja at our house Eric thought it was fitting to make some ninja/lucha libre inspired thermies. Ninja are everywhere and if you have any small-ish boys in your life you have certainly heard of TMNT (Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles for those of you who live in a cave) and Lego Ninjago!

I will be posting finished Thermies soon! Also, the Etsy shop should be opening in the next week and a half!

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