August 26, 2014

Thermies Make Great Stocking Stuffers

I know the weather is still relatively warm in most of the country so most people are not thinking about the holidays or stocking stuffers yet, however, I went to Michaels yesterday and they already have Christmas items on display! I couldn't believe it. Seriously, there were wreaths, stocking stuffers, fake poinsettias, etc. This is the first time I have ever seen holiday displays this early!

stocking stuffers, thermies, gifts for kids

Crazy, but my point is that it's never too early to start shopping for great gifts for friends and family. We have already gotten lots of feedback that Thermies will make great stocking stuffers for 2014. We couldn't agree more!

stocking stuffers, thermies, gifts for kids
Thermies will also make excellent and thoughtful gifts for nieces, nephews, friends, co-workers and relatives who you aren't willing to break the bank for! All regular sized Thermies are only $6. If you have kids yourself one stocking stuffer is already in the bag (or stocking)!

Visit us at to make your purchase today!

stocking stuffers, thermies, gifts for kids

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