August 18, 2014

Tweet Tweet - Beautiful Bird Thermies

Who doesn't love birds? Well, actually my sister doesn't. I think it's weird since they are so pretty and sing such nice songs and can FLY! My sister would say that they make loud noises when she is trying to sleep and they are dirty! She should really change her viewpoint and opinion of birds because it ultimately lands her a really nice bird calendar every year!!! Ha ha, Sister!!

Okay, enough of that. The etsy shop is almost open (waiting on one last piece of info) so I wanted to post some of the bird sketches that inspired the bird Thermies. Not only are these bird Thermies going to keep your cold feet warm, they are going to be super cute sitting next to your pillow every day waiting to be warmed up when you go to bed!

Are you ready for color yet? I bet you are getting sick of looking at sketches. Here are a few examples of the bird Thermies that were ultimately created from the sketches. Aren't they adorable?!

I will let you know when the shop is officially open for business so you can rush out and get a few Thermies for you or as a gift! Thanks for stopping by!

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